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How to Swap a Root WordPress Installation with a Subdirectory WordPress Installation (While Keeping Both)

A WordPress Development Environment Idea for Major Overhauls on Active Websites
If you work with WordPress, you’ve probably needed to redesign a WordPress website at one point or another. Sometimes that can be pretty straightforward. If the website is small without much traffic, you might be able to get away with putting up a temporary splash …



Get All Themes Package – 75% Off

Happy New Year!
Up until now, I’ve been offering a new coupon every month. Sometimes “buy one get one free” and sometimes a percentage discount. I’ve decided to stop that and instead offer a permanent discounted bundle of all themes.
Why Would I Do Such a Thing? Isn’t This Seriously Devaluing the Products?
This is …



You’re Hired 2.0 Upgrade Guide

You’re Hired Version 2.0
You’re Hired has been updated to version 2.0!
This update includes:

An all-new design
More social media icons, for a total of 16
More Google Fonts, for a total of 22
Widget updates to make them simpler and easier to use
No more complicated menu
It’s now a one-page …



Minimal WordPress Themes Bundle – 50% Off

Minimal WordPress Themes Bundle

Launched today: a minimal themes bundle that’s available exclusively at Creative Market.
What You Get – 50% Off
This bundle includes my three most minimal themes:

Extremely Minimal
Super Minimal
Strunk & White

At regular prices, these themes add up to $47. In this bundle, they’re over 50% off for a reduced …



December Coupon and Updates

zen web themes coupon

Hey everyone!
Can you believe that it’s December? It’s already the last month of 2016.
November was extremely busy for me. I’ve actually never been this busy in November or December. In addition to that, I was sick for the entire first week of the month, and then the Thanksgiving holiday knocked out a …



How to Add Bootstrap to Your WordPress Theme

How to Add Bootstrap to Your WordPress Theme

In this post, we’ll look at how to add Bootstrap directly to your WordPress theme.
This is NOT with the use of a plugin that lets you automatically enter Bootstrap components into pages or posts. Instead, you’ll be either linking to the CDN or bundling Bootstrap with your theme, which allows you to then manually …



November Coupon and Updates

November Coupon
This month’s coupon is for 20% off your entire order. There are no special restrictions or minimum limits to hit—just 20% off whatever you want to buy.
Get the code and details here.
November Updates
With Halloween done, I guess it’s officially the “holiday season.” But for now, happy Dia de los Muertos!



October Coupon and Updates

Happy October!
October was my favorite month for many years. I guess it still is, but I miss the weather and atmosphere that October had in Portland, where I lived for about 9 years before moving back to California. Here in Sacramento, it has been in the 90s up until yesterday when it cooled …



Free Goodies

Free Digital Assets

Goodies are now live!
I’ve created two goodies to get the party started:

Blog & Social Media Image Templates
Tile Backgrounds

What are Goodies?
Goodies are free digital assets that help you create, manage, or market your website.
Since Zen Web Themes is all about helping people create their own …



Theme Updates for 8/18/16

Updates Published Today
An important security update was published for all themes today. I learned more about how to properly sanitize input from users and updated the code to make those points of input more secure. For example, when you enter in the URLs for each of your social media icons, the themes will …